GUITAR ZOMBIES is a guitar oasis on the Central Coast, run by a total guitar zombie (Steve Edmonds) whose enthusiasm and love of all things guitar and music continue to grow each day. A deep well of knowledge and reference is offered as part of each lesson. Live recording & touring experience with many of Australia's premier entertainers affords GUITAR ZOMBIES a uniquely informed perspective and ability to fast track your learning and development on the guitar. 

Guitar Zombies is a boutique guitar school that focuses on the individuality of the student. With over 30 years of teaching experience, lessons are derived from each students abilities, goals and personalities. From beginners to advanced, all students are given 100% attention and support with a clear goal to improve on the instrument and enhance their enjoyment of music in general. 

For beginners and school aged children 

For beginners and School aged children an accessible and fun introduction to the guitar and music is fostered. Learning the physical technique of the instrument, listening skills and basic music theory are taught in a fun and positive process in small steps, with the students interest and enthusiasm always encouraged. HSC performances are a speciality with many highly marked performance pieces already taught and accompanied 

Intermediate Guitarists 

Intermediate Guitarists and players revisiting the guitar after a break are welcomed. With attention to already established knowledge and technique, we strive to re-ignite your passion and to touch on new goals of interest and fill in any grey areas. Learn to play your favourite songs in a relaxed atmosphere whilst learning technique and theory along the way.  

Advanced and Professional guitarists  

Advanced and Professional guitarists can find a home at Guitar Zombies. Specialising in gear, with a large knowledge and collection of guitars, amps and pedals (we admit we have been bitten too). Fine tuning your live sound, pedal tones and guitar parts are all a part of our service. Attention to repertoire, solo sections, backing vocals and problem areas are covered to push you to the next level of musicality and professionalism. An extensive library of books, magazines and instructional videos are readily available for use. 

We look forward to meeting you and helping you realise your guitar dreams!